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CTL® GmbH Bielefeld

Company philosophy

CTL® GmbH Bielefeld is a chemical-technological contract laboratory for the textile, automotive, furniture and dyestuff industry. The company was founded in 1995 by Dr. rer. nat. Gerald Prior. Since 2017, his daughter Kerry-Luise Prior has been leading the family business in the second generation. 

Quality has always been our top priority and already one year after the establishment of CTL®, was the company certified according to the international standard ISO 9001. Since 2004, we upgraded our accreditation to the more specific DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 for testing and calibration laboratories. 

  • DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 accredited

CTL® was the first laboratory to issue a publication on the analysis of AZO dyes – long before legal regulations came onto the market. We were also the only laboratory to publish a method for differentiating between pigments and dyes. 

For now over 25 years, we have been working with suppliers from the UK to Japan and are familiar with the relevant testing regulations. We started with 35 customers. In the meantime, the number of customers has grown to over 2000.

Technological testing has become very diverse, and a vast amount of test specifications exists. Technological tests make it possible to test requirements for the general use of products and their service life. Here, most of the manufacturers and importers have additionally defined their own criteria for the protection of their customers. 

In the field of the analytics, CTL® GmbH uses a range of high-precision measuring instruments to detect a wide variety of elements that are banned in respective products. Through our analyses, manufacturers and importers know whether the prescribed limits are complied with, and the respective products are marketable. 

SERVICE is a top priority at CTL®

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