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CTL® GmbH Bielefeld

Company philosophy

CTL® GmbH Bielefeld is a chemical-technological laboratory and was founded in 1995 by Dr. rer. nat. Gerald Prior. Since 2017, his daughter Kerry-Luise Prior has been running the company in the second generation.

Quality has always been our top priority and just one year after its foundation, CTL® was certified according to the international standard ISO 9001. This was not only an important step for our many customers at home and abroad at the time, it also reflects an essential aspect of our company philosophy.

CTL® was the first laboratory to publish a publication on the analysis of AZO dyes – long before legal regulations on this came onto the market. CTL® was also the only laboratory to publish a method for differentiating between pigments and dyes.

We started out as a purely technological laboratory. Already in the founding year, extensive investments were made in the field of analytics. In the meantime, we test not only for the textile industry, but also for the automotive industry, for the furniture and dye industry, and for their suppliers.

We have been working for the automotive and furniture industry for 15 years now and know the individual test specifications of almost all suppliers from Great Britain to Japan.

We started with 35 customers. In the meantime, the number of customers has grown to over 2000.

In all areas, technological tests have become very diverse and a vast number of test specifications are in place. 

Technological tests make it possible to test requirements for the general use of products and their service life. However, tests from the field of analytical chemistry have become increasingly important. 

They allow conclusions to be drawn about the presence of substances that are harmful to health, as well as their production. 

Here, the majority of all manufacturers and importers have set their own strict criteria for the protection of the consumer. Our own strict catalogue of criteria is also becoming more and more extensive and poses ever new challenges to our skills.

Service is a top priority at CTL®

We help, advise and test. Test us!