Seam shift resistance with fixed seam opening

DIN EN ISO 13936-1, Textiles – Determination of sliding resistance of yarns in fabric seams – Part 1: Method with specified seam opening

The method is used to determine the force required to open a seam in a fabric, e.g. 4 mm. This method is not suitable for highly stretchable or technical fabrics. The seam sliding strength results in either a warp thread or weft thread shift.

Test description

This method is used to determine the force required to open a seam in a fabric, e.g. 4 mm. 5 samples per direction are prepared. A seam is attached to the test specimens in such a way that either the warp threads move over the weft threads or vice versa. A universal testing machine is used to carry out the test. Under specified conditions, first the unsewn part of the sample and then the sewn part of the specimen is clamped. The sewn part of the specimen is pulled apart until the seam has opened, e.g. 4 mm. The final result is the average of the 5 individual results determined in newton “N” (10 N = 1 daN or 9.81 N = 1 kg).


Required material for the test

  • 60 x 120 cm or
  • a ready-made article

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