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Pilling – Martindale method

Our laboratory offers the DIN EN ISO 12945-2 Modified Martindale method to determine the pilling tendency of textile fabrics. This method involves assessing the formation

pH value determination

PH value of aqueous extract DIN EN ISO 3071 specifies a method for determining the pH value of textiles. A defined weight of the textile


Nickel release

DIN EN 1811 describes a method for determining the release of nickel of metal parts. For coated metals, an abrasion process according to DIN EN

Formaldehyde determination

Formaldehyde II, quantitative determination of free formaldehyde (SOP 4193) DIN EN ISO 14184-1 specifies a method by which free formaldehyde in textiles is extracted with

Fiber analysis – qualitative

DIN CEN ISO / TR 11827 describes many methods for determining the quality of fiber types. These include, microscopic procedures, chemical processes such as combustion.

Labor analyse

Chlorobenzenes and chlorotoluenes

Carrier (Chlororganische Carrier) DIN 54232 legt ein Verfahren zur Bestimmung des Gehalts an Chlorbenzolen und Chlortoluolen in Textilien fest. Nach einer Extraktion mit einem chlorierten

Amines from azo dyestuffs

MAK amines, azo dyes according to LFGB DIN EN ISO 14362-1 and DIN EN ISO 14362-3 define procedures to test for azo dyes that can