Tensile strength testing with the Grab Test

CTL GmbH Bielefeld offers professional tensile strength testing services for textile fabrics using the Grab Test method. Our experienced team performs accurate and reliable tests to determine tear strength and elongation of your fabrics to ensure they meet industry standards.

Test description

The Grab Test, also known as the Grab Tensile Test, is a widely used method for evaluating the tear strength and elongation of textile fabrics. This test measures the maximum force required to tear a fabric sample and the elongation at that force. The results can provide valuable information about the durability and performance of a fabric.

The Grab Test is described in the DIN EN ISO 13934-2 standard, which specifies the testing procedure for woven fabrics. However, it can also be used for other types of fabrics, such as knitted or non-woven fabrics.

To perform the test, five samples are cut from a rectangular fabric sample measuring 200mm x 100mm in both the warp and weft directions. Each sample is then clamped in a tensile testing machine and pulled until it tears. The maximum force required to tear the sample is recorded and used to calculate the tear strength. The elongation at maximum force is also measured and recorded.

The results are typically reported as an average of the five individual measurements in units of Newtons (N). It is important to note that 10 N is equivalent to 1 daN or 9.81 N is equivalent to 1 kg.

The Grab Test is a useful tool for evaluating the strength and durability of fabrics. By testing a sample, manufacturers can determine if a fabric is suitable for a particular application and ensure that it meets industry standards. It is important to follow the testing procedure carefully to obtain accurate and reliable results.

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  • DIN EN ISO 13934-2

Required material for the test

  • 80 x 80 cm fabric coupon or
  • a ready-made article

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At the beginning, we clarify the scope of testing, the goal of the tests and, if applicable, the project requirements with the customer.



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The order is clear and as soon as the test sample is received in the laboratory, we get straight to work with the sample.


Submitted test reports

The results are available in the form of a test report. In addition to the pure test result, an overall assessment according to legal, general or customer-specific requirements is possible.

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