Modified Martindale Procedure - Determining textile fabrics' tendency to form lint and pills

Our laboratory offers the DIN EN ISO 12945-2 modified Martindale method to determine the pilling tendency of textile fabrics. This method involves assessing the formation of small knotted fibers, known as pills, which can impact the fabric’s appearance.

Test description

Pilling is a common issue during the use phase of textile fabrics. When loose fibers or fiber ends become tangled on the fabric’s surface, this leads to the formation of unwanted pills. Our modified Martindale method is specifically designed to investigate this issue, considering various factors that influence the tendency of textile fabrics to pill formation.

According to the standard specifications, our experts take multiple circular samples from the test-fabric and clamp them in sample holders. The samples are then rubbed using a Martindale tester against either a standardised wool scouring fabric or another sample from the material being tested. A defined force acts on the samples, and each sample is graded based on a defined grading scale, assessing three different phenomena individually.

At our laboratory, we offer various testing options to meet your requirements. You can choose i.e. 125, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, or 7000 rotations. We can also conduct the test on a 50 x 90 cm material or on a ready-made article.

By opting for our modified Martindale procedure, you can identify any potential pilling issues with your textile fabrics and take corrective actions to ensure their quality and durability.


  • 125 Revs
  • 500 Revs
  • 1000 Revs
  • 2000 Revs
  • 5000 Revs
  • 7000 Revs
  • Wool scouring fabric or fabric against fabric

Required material for the test

  • 50 x 90 cm or
  • a ready-made article

Additional Tips

How do we work

Our workflow



At the beginning, we clarify the scope of testing, the goal of the tests and, if applicable, the project requirements with the customer.



We prepare a quotation based on the scope of testing and the requirements



The order is clear and as soon as the test sample is received in the laboratory, we get straight to work with the sample.


Submitted test reports

The results are available in the form of a test report. In addition to the pure test result, an overall assessment according to legal, general or customer-specific requirements is possible.

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