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With textiles, it is not only important to assess the quality of the main material. Quantitatively smaller components such as zips or buttons should also meet the highest requirements and are subject to strict legal and commercial regulations. We test all possible accessories of textiles for you, no matter how insignificant they may seem.

  • Buttons

  • Zips

  • Labels

  • Tags

  • Cords and ribbons

  • Rivets

Testing examples

  • Zip strengths

  • Opening forces of press studs

  • Chromium VI content

  • Extractable heavy metals

  • Corrosion

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Formaldehyde determination

Formaldehyde: quantitative determination of free formaldehyde (SOP 4193) DIN EN ISO 14184-1 specifies a method by which free formaldehyde is extracted with water from textiles

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